Tuesday 9 September 2008

one way parking

Fremantle Square, Kingsdown, has effectively conceded that the one-way signs only apply to through traffic, not parked cars such as this little Honda, WP05BWL.

What's interesting is how the trend is spreading, here to Aberdeen Road, Cotham, just before child dropoff time at the school in the road.

Which is why it is justifiable. As a parent, parking the wrong way and walking your kid to school ensures that you get there in time, reducing the time and pollution costs of driving up to the St Michael's Hill mini roundabout, down Hampton Road and then in on this road in the proper direction. While for commuters, their parking at this end of the road ensures that they do not endanger schoolkids walking down the rest of the road.

Remember, one-way streets are not only put in "to benefit cars", they are there to benefit through traffic. For residents, parents and commuters, two-way streets make it easier and faster to get to your destination. Hence the sign is now considered optional.

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