Sunday 28 September 2008

Coronation Road bike lane

Joe Evans also sends in a photograph of the Coronation Road bike lane, though there is a car blocking the view.

If you look past the car, you can see the path, which goes alongside the Avon new cut. This path is famous for its greenery. On the Bristol-Bath path you get greenery beside the path. Here you get mature trees in the middle of the path itself. This is why this bike lane is one of the most popular in the city, right up until it comes to a halt behind this car, P719UHY.


Anonymous said...

Yes it's wonderful for the pedestrians that have to risk life and limb every time the cycle path generously cuts into the walking lane at each and every tree. Makes me sick that cyclists get priority over pedestrians and traffic but EXACTLY when it suits them, and not the law or common sense.

SteveL said...

There was a time when it went the other way; dropped the bikes into the road instead. Either way, its silly and dangerous. Why is it there?

1. Coronation Road is dangerous
2. It looks good on paper

Personally, I'd cross the river and do the chocolate path instead.