Wednesday 10 September 2008

The joy of autumn

Autumn is one of the South West's best times to be on a bicycle. The sun, the dappled leaves and the dry paths after the summer baking makes it very memorable.

Yes, some people may have memories of a nice September. But if you are a mountain biker, this month's rain lets you test out your skills every day, even on normally boring bike paths. Here is the Lockleaze to UWE path, which two days in a row have had a stream running from the new roads being built to the left of this picture, a stream going over the path at 4-5 inches depth, and then draining into the woods.

This makes it an excellent place to safely practise river crossing techniques


green tomato said...

I am told that the housebuilding company building houses on the field adjacent to the path have gone bust and deserted the site, having throughtfully made sure they filled the drainage ditches and tarmac'ed large areas first. Maybe a cycling profiency centre or skateboard park until the housing market recovers?

SteveL said...

If you go by the MOD path you can see ongoing work; redrow are not yet bankrupt but in trouble. I do like the idea of a bike park until then. I remember when the MOD site was the remains of an old coal mine or something that the motorbikers used to ride on, somewhere to play that did no damage.