Thursday 4 September 2008

How the CPZ plans will take away parking spaces

It's not been discussed much, but the proposed controlled parking zone will take away lots of parking. Take Kingsdown, which is one area that may well vote for it.

If they do vote for it, parking across the pavement will no longer be allowed not even for the volvo estate LS525NU

Even when the "cars obstructing the pavement may be prosecuted" sign has been broken

Futhermore, you won't be able to leave your car in the middle of the road while you nip in to the house, as BMW L994FAX is doing here.

Removing pavements and the roadways themselves from the list of allowable parking places will have a significant impact on the parking capacity of Kingsdown. Residents who vote for the CPZ plan should be fully aware of the consequences.

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