Monday 15 September 2008

France: enhancing Zebra crossing safety

Another proposal that is hoped will justify the West of England Partnership funded fact finding expedition is that there is a large amount of extra parking capacity on zebra crossings. In Bristol it is the approach to the crossing that is generally viewed as OK for short term parking. But that still leaves the crossings themselves free.

In France, the crossing itself is a parking facility. Yet it still functions as a place for tourists to wait in the hope that a passing car will stop for them.

Possibly, parking over the crossing may warn visitors that these crossings do not provide any safety feature, and that passing cars will not stop.

And so should not be used.

Given that Bristol cars do not stop as often as they are nominally required to do at zebra crossings, adopting this French innovation would have similar safety benefits, and add much more parking capacity to our city. As the crossings are often placed close to schools and shops, parents and shoppers would benefit greatly.


Anonymous said...

Could it be that these concerned citizens are trying to narrow the road, thereby making it safer for pedestrians who have anarrower gap to cross between speeding cars?

BTW, why do some French cars have yellow numberplate and some white?

SteveL said...

I think that new cars have the scheme of white front, yellow rear, like the UK does. There are also red plates, for "exempt" vehicles, that I will cover some time soon.