Wednesday 9 December 2009

Bastard Hills of North Bristol? Bastard Cyclists more like

We have another web site of those bicycle under-people to criticise: Bristol by Bicycle.

Clearly they have plans to encourage more people to get in our way, to deny FirstBus revenue, to slow down important car drivers and taxi passengers. We shall keep an eye on them.

Their current coverage is about a forthcoming Bristol Cycling Campaign ride, The Bastard Hills of North Bristol. This is apparently a tour of the steep road climbs north of the river, from Montpelier to Clifton by way of Kingsdown and Cliftonwood.

Well, you would have to enjoy suffering to cycle round BRS: the hills, the rain, the wind, the abuse. The fact that these people are celebrating the harsh bits of the city just shows how strange they are. They will probably spend Christmas training, rather than drinking beer and watching Eastenders.

Whoever these subversives are, they are keeping an eye on us. We know that. How? All the photographs they are currently using in their coverage of their route are ours. Pro-car, anti-bicycle photographs. Yet these troublemakers are using the same photographs to actually encourage people to come out on a bicycle -and are trying to pretend that it will be fun.

We despair.

Some of us are debating attending the route and hurling abuse at the cyclists, but as the route will go through central Bristol, there will be other people doing that anyway, usually from the comfort of a minicab.


Anonymous said...

The people behind that site are clearly delusional fools. They think that Bristol Traffic is for "satire or criticism of car drivers"

SteveL said...

They are saying that to degrade our value, to imply that we are not the one true voice of Bristol Drivers. We also believe that they have set up the Association of British Drivers web site as some kind of joke.

Downfader said...

Bah! What a wuss... she's pushing it uphill!

SteveL said...

That is the photo that BBC Bristol used as a cue to interview a couple of us to say that it's OK to walk up a hill. I agree, whoever does that is a soft southern jessie, but at least they are riding -so in the interview I praised people who do this, spoke about how pretty the hills are, rather than denounced them for softness.