Tuesday 1 December 2009

More Cotham Hill/Whiteladies Road lorry/bike crash photos

This is the rest of the photo set.

It's pretty depressing to see this, especially on a road that is almost entirely given over to students walking and cycling in to college on.

The lorry was turning in from Whiteladies Road -probably heading inbound (left turn), though it may have turned right.

This is the view from the builders' merchants; there's a small lane before the entrance. The parked cars on the side make getting into the building site a fairly tricky turn; presumably it had to to swing out wide, and somehow a bike ended up on the inside of the bend.

AY56AEP, for the databases

Note this closing scene here: the road is closed and yet still a white van tries to get past the police car; ends up being waved down by the police and made to/helped to back out onto Whiteladies Road, then go down a block before turning off. This may answer some questions about delivery van driver literacy, else "Police Road Closed" doesn't apply if you are just on your way through quickly.

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Unknown said...

Looks like the cronies on the Evening Post website have already decided to blame the cyclist without a) witnessing the incident or b) knowing the facts. Typical anti-cycling scum