Monday 28 December 2009

RNIB: Protection by cars

Snow. Frozen water. And as we are all aware, water has a memory.

Here we see it remembering that a car has been parked in the road.

And here, the view from the other direction, before the snow arrived.

In the foreground, the ubiquitous dimpled paving and dropped kerbs that do so much to help those with vision problems. Of course, in the snow, the dimples disappear, which is why that first photo is so shocking. The driver has departed the space, leaving the visually impaired vulnerable to stepping into the path of an oncoming car, without being aware of the tactile paving beneath. Push-chairs and even pavement cyclists are affected by this disgraceful behaviour.

The usual state of affairs in Manor Park, Redland, is normally much safer, as the self-less drivers of WR54ZDE,



and GD04SEF

all demonstrate.

By parking in front of the dimples they provide an excellent additional safety barrier by preventing cyclists getting onto the pavement, and acting as an excellent warning feature for anyone attempting to step off the kerb.

Of all the helpful residents of this corner of Redland, though, the owner of NA05CVX must be the most considerate, both night...

and day.

Unless, of course, it is their car that's left that nasty view of black tarmac in an otherwise perfect Bristol winter scene.

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