Thursday 24 December 2009

Castle Park - The clue is in the name

Now that The Horsefair and Penn Street have been made a no-go for through traffic it's becoming all the more important to make full use of the areas we can still drive to. And all the more important to commend those who are seeking out those new and secret places for driving and more importantly parking, that many of us are not yet aware of.

Bristol Evening Post van WV51 GPO was out doing just that today, Christmas Eve, December 24th 2009 at 12.24pm. A bit like an early Christmas present if you like. No doubt out and about spreading the newsprinted cheer and "good will to all men" that is almost synonymous with the Evening Post newspaper and website. Or as it would seem illogical for an evening newspaper to be delivered this early in the day, maybe just popping in to Wilko's for some last minute tinsel and wrapping paper.

And who better to forge forwards exploring exciting new possibilities of travel and parking than a newspaper that is way ahead of the rest of us in it's expert analysis, in-depth knowledge and balanced exploration of transport options in Bristol.

So Bristol Evening Post van WV51GPO , we commend you for your vision and forward thinking that lets you see beyond the facade of the "biggest city centre greenspace" label and pedestrianised areas, giving us a glimpse of how the future could be.

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