Thursday 3 December 2009

Wilderness near UWE

We've celebrated this before: a bit of the wilderness near UWE. A river crossing. Something that forces pedestrians to turn back, and ensures that the only people who cycle through are doing it on mountain bikes. When they get to their destination they can feel pleased with themselves, and justify the extra expenditure on suspension and disc brakes.

We car drivers like it because it makes commuting by bicycle more miserable.

Which is why we have some bad news. This feature is no more. This week the builders of the housing estate behind MOD Abbey Wood dug some ditches, and as a result, the water feature has drained away.

This is part of a local anti-car conspiracy. They should be turning this path into a road for more driving options between Lockleaze and UWE and its business park, just as they did for the Old Filton Road, but instead this: wasting money on tax-dodging cyclists. Worse than that, tax-dodging student cyclists!

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Downfader said...

LOL!! Got any bathers..? :-D

There is an underpass on Southampton Common that cyclists use to bypass a rather nasty road above. Only trouble is that when it rains heavily it back fills from the drains will all kinds of muck. 2 foot of it. Man it stinks too!