Tuesday 1 December 2009

Paveparking: it's greener, you know

We don't normally read the Evening Post; there is little point, but we are pleased to see that they are only ten days behind us in denouncing 20 mph speed limits.

As usual, some of the best insight comes from the comments; it is reassuring that many other people out there blame pedestrians for being in the road where they can get run over; and blame the parents who can't afford houses with back gardens for endangering their children by letting them out the front door.

Our favourite comment has to be from one Rob Green of Bedminster, whose insight deserves more coverage:
We've only just started parking on the pavement to keep the traffic moving - and make less pollution.
Why slow the cars down at this stage?

You see that? We thought it was to protect your mirror and paintwork, and help discourage pedestrians from walking round, as they will only slow us down later on. But now we see that there is environmental benefit too.

By eliminating stop-go motoring, we reduce fuel consumption costs and reduce pollution.

These vehicles in Freeland place, Hotwells, are parking here for the environment, including car WV56OCW.

Yet as usual, in this anti-car city they come down against those drivers who, in a selfless attempt to reduce pollution in the city, parking up on pavements outside schools on weekdays like the mini WP05VHM. It's for the kids! The lower the air pollution, the better it is for them! When will the politicians realise this!

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Ben S said...

Reading that EP comment thread has significantly reduced my IQ.

And I feel a bit sick.