Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bus Passengers cost shops money

We are shocked to see that bus passengers are damaging the economy in Bedminster.

This is the sign on the bus shelter

Passenger Notice
Please queue to the left
of the shelter when
waiting for buses

Please do not obstruct
the frontages of local
businesses when
waiting for buses

This selfish behaviour of bus passengers is destroying the local economy

Not only do they not shop in the Sextons' car audio showroom or motaman car parts, they block sight of Star News and Booze from passing cars.


Thomas Guest said...

Nice to see Bristol bus passengers being told where they stand. In Swansea they go one better. Cars are encouraged to use the bus stop as a parking area, and they leave their engines running so people waiting at the bus stop can enjoy the exhaust fumes.


Forest Pines said...

One of the shops by that bus stop - the red frontage - is a rather good barbers/hairdressers. I used to walk past this stop regularly; it's heavily used by Asda customers, so a lot of the people waiting for buses are laden down with carrier bags. The pavement is narrow; so if the shelter is full, they either block the pavement to pedestrians or block the shopfronts.

SteveL said...

-Maybe the problem is that this bus stop is half of the public transport options for the area, the one on the other side of the road being the other. That, along with 6 + 4 bike racks is the alternate transport option set, plus parking for 700 cars.