Tuesday 22 December 2009

Spring Hill

Some discussion on Springfield Road raises the question: is that water from the historical Ma Pugsley's Well?

Possibly. As well as Springfield road, there is a Spring Hill, which again, could refer to the time that there was a spring here.

Of course, now there is no spring in that road either. There is nothing left but a bit of history: cobbles, "pavé", as the french call it, a historial predecessor for tarmaced roads, and the bits to the side of the road "pavé-ment",early parking areas.

You can see that this road is old as there isn't enough room on this "pavé-ment" area to fit a big car, just the mini J007JAW, and even there they had to flip in the mirrors and get off the road carefully, so as not to scrape the paintwork on the wall. 

updated: that's JO07JAW -thank you claudia99!

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Anonymous said...

If you make that JO07JAW (oh-zero, rather than zero-zero) it might help with search engine listing.