Tuesday 5 January 2010

Another instrumented tax-dodger

We have another tax-dodging cyclist being monitored through a camera secretly mounted onto their vehicle, awpsbristol.

This is good as it gives us better coverage of more of the city, and we can see how these tax-dodgers are a threat to safe travel around the city. Here we can see ThyssenKrupp Elevator Van YD09FCP only just managing to squeeze past the subversive cyclist, so enabling him to reach his parking area three seconds ahead of the cyclist.

Remember: game theory and the minimax strategy requires vehicles to pull in as soon as they can; anything else would encourage more of these bicycle-terrorists. It's not that you don't gain anything in journey time, these overtakes are needed to assert your authority over the cyclists, to show them that they are unwelcome, near-stationary objects, on the roads we pay for.

One question that has to be raised here is why are there people cycling around this part of St Philips, the light-engineering core of the working inner city. Well, it could be because they and pedestrians are banned from the flyover the cyclist is about to go under at the end of the video -which shows the problem. When they built the flyover, they mistakenly added some through routes for bicycles, making this one of the routes between the railway path and temple meads. It would be good to blame Blair and Nu-Labour for this, but this was actually built by that Bristol Development Corporation under the conservative governments of yore, showing you can't trust them either.


Unknown said...

I've never seen a sign banning bikes from the flyover? Though obviously it has no pavement which many of those pedestrians never seem to quite work out...

Valerie Sinatra said...

Bret, I wouldn't ride the flyover with a toddler on the back of my bike.