Wednesday 20 January 2010

Back to normal

The roads are all briefly snow free, as are the pavements, so they can be used again. Not by pedestrians, who we still think should be made illegal, but by car drivers who prevent congestion problems by parking entirely off the road.

Here on Eastfield Road, the Audi RK08KCJ has to park here as the owner, through no fault of their own, only has a garage big enough for a 1970s hatchback.

Up at Hampton Road, some students have been causing havoc with the wipers on this car R848CGS strategically placed to stop pedestrians crossing. This is why when we get our laws against being a pedestrian pushed through, the fine for being a student pedestrian will be double.

And on Whiteladies road, we can see another traffic island that is no use to anyone, and just makes it harder to swing past bicycles.

This car NS03YJP has a disabled sticker, so it is legitimately parked here, before anyone complains. What we really want to highlit is in the background - some of the new Whiteladies road bike parking stands. They are stealing our pavements, our car parking spaces, again.


kebablog said...

I'm often on that road, don't usually have a problem with that particular car. The one that parks on the corner by the garage or the massive caravan thing poking out are much worse.

Odd also how there is no mention of the 3-4 bicycles that are often chained up at the bottom of the road, between them all being shackled to the railings and lamppost they manage to block the whole pavement. I make sure to give them a nice kick on the way past.

SteveL said...

Good point. Expect some coverage of the bike and the associated bins in future. Perhaps there is an opportunity for a monty-style bike-park-in-the-road facility here.