Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Resisting Oppression

There are some new signs up on Aberdeen Road, outside St Peter and Paul RC Primary School. They say no parking on the school-keep-clear area on weekdays 08:00 to 17:00.

This is more of the city's simply insane anti-car activities, something everyone should resist. We have discovered a loophole.

By banning parking on weekdays, there is nothing to stop any local parking entirely on the pavement on a weekend.

This will protect wing mirrors, and with the bollard, ensure the body-coloured bumper of OY05LNW won't suffer any damage from other vehicles reversing into it while parking.

It will even benefit the schoolchildren, as more snow is scheduled for the evening -this car will ensure the area will be snow- and later ice- free. With such selfless drivers, it doesn't matter than the council appears scared to grit paths.


John R said...

In addition to protecting the pavement from snow build-up, this public-spirited citizen is clearly using his vehicle to protect the front gates of the school from any ramraiding attacks by people intent on stealing computers (paid for by us the taxpayer) from the school whilst it is unoccupied over the weekend. They are even willing to risk damage to their own car, so keen are they to guard the gates to this bastion of education. Sir, I toot my horn in your general direction.

SteveL said...

Picture #2 shows some small children nearly touching the car while their parents pull them on a sledge, completely unaware the damage their children could be doing behind. There should be laws against such activities.