Friday 1 January 2010

A time of celebration

The nice thing about Xmas is that with less people about, you can celebrate empty streets and a chance to park in ASLs unimpeded.

Here in the city centre, tainted by the council's plans to put in a Bus Rapid Transit halt. Soon, the anti-car city will stop us being able to drive into these ASLs on red lights, by banning cars entirely.  Y874KHT have a right to be happy, a right to be proud: they are standing up to this oppression!

Nearby, at Stokes Croft, you can get your whole landrover into the ASL unimpeded. Some people may whine at this, but note how N805YND is stopped for the red light.

A bigger issue with both these vehicles is that they are eligible for replacement under the cash-for-old-cars scheme, yet they are still on the road? Do these people have no concern about the economic plight of car-importers?

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