Monday, 4 January 2010

Out of control on Nugent Hill

We have some back catalogue of vehicles getting into trouble on ice on Nugent Hill

It doesn't come out that well in the pics, but here these vehicles on Nugent Hill drivers must have had a bit of a fright.

This one is wedged in on a corner where it must have been skidding down the road until they got to veer toward somethign that would halt it. 

This next one got a fair bit further down the road before they managed to bring it to a halt. It's entered the contraflow , but they managed to get it to halt without causing any damage, and its been left until the snow goes away.
This last car WN08EZX ended up going all the way down the contraflow, executing a right turn despite the "no right turn" feature on Arley Hill, and managed to come to a halt just before the traffic lights with Cheltenham Road. The driver must have been pretty shaken up. We are glad they made it down the hill safely!
On a normal evening you'd think "Oh, this car is running the one-way stretch to bypass congestion on Cotham Brow and put in on the Arley Hill traffic jam". But this wasn't a normal evening. No road traffic, no traffic jams, and both Cotham Brow and Arley Hill were gritted. There was no rational reason to deliberately drive the wrong way down the Nugent Hill contraflow -an ungritted road on a steep hill, when the legal option was in fact safer.

That leaves
  • They loved danger
  • They were stuck in this ungritted part of the city and the only way out was down the hill
For these reasons we will not be passing the photograph of this vehicle on to the local Kingsdown police, the way we normally do to help our city's drivers resistance to the oppressive anti-car one-way infrastructure get more widely recognised. We in Bristol Traffic celebrate your bravery!

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