Saturday 23 January 2010


This is just plain wrong.

A ticket, but no parking restrictions. Not even parked on the pavement.

So why is the owner of L740OYA being persecuted?

We suspect, because the owner is a cyclist. Why?

Well, cyclists don't need tax and insurance. This car certainly doesn't have tax, which implies it doesn't have insurance either (you need this to get a Vehicle Excise Duty disk). You also need an MOT, again something most cyclists don't bother with.

As we all know, cyclists don't care about the law, which is probably why the driver of this car chose to park it so blatantly near Redland Police Station with a nine month out-of-date disk.


Anonymous said...

Disc. Please. Disc!

Quercus said...



I agree, and will now have a word with the Bristol Traffic spell-checker (thanks Mr Jobs & Mr Gates).

Knuckles smarting as I type.

Bristol Traffic said...

Claudia. We'd like to apologise for this failing of the process. We shall beat contributor "Quercus" soundly. We were going to do this anyway based on reported incidents of him going for bike rides with family members, but getting US/UK spellings confused is enough to tip us over the edge. We shall break one of his non-typing fingers.

Dru Marland said...

If ever I see a car whose windscreen wiper is obscuring the tax disc, it instantly makes me think "bet the tax disc is out of date..." -seems counter-productive, really, but hey, so it goes.