Sunday 24 January 2010

More Persecution

Last week we saw how R848CGS was being harassed by students merely for parking on a build-out by a pedestrian crossing, in front of a hospital. Today we see that the council, rather than ticket pedestrians for occupying our pavement, is instead ticketing this car. Yet because the pavement has been widened here, there is plenty of room for pedestrians to get past.

Further down the hill in Kingsdown, KF02YWW is ticketed for parking in a disabled space.
Does Bristol Parking Services not realise that on a busy weekday, pavements and disabled parking spaces are the only spaces left for people to park? We don't want to use these spaces, but its always very frustrating driving round the block when there is a nice empty bit of pavement calling out to us, or an unused disabled parking bay. We are forced to use these spaces. And then what? They ticket us.


Alternicity said...

Sorry - what was forcing you to use space reserved for disabled people?
Your frustration?
Or something else?

green tomato said...

Oh definitely something else. Important people drive cars. Unimportant people don't, and Bristol would be a less frustrating place once the unmotorised and non-tax paying understand that, Alternicity.