Friday 15 January 2010

Royal Mail bicycle parking

The snow has given us less cyclists to denounce, so here is something from before the snows came.

Here we see a Royal Mail delivery bicycle, insensitively blocking the pavement by the zebra crossing on Cotham Road South, the one with the Mercedes F55CNU parked on the zig-zags
This makes it much harder for pedestrians to get down the pavement safely, such as the one coming up alongside the Saab Y848PBJ parked on the other set of zig-zags on this side of the road.

These cyclists have no sense of pedestrian safety! They park wherever is closest to their destination! They pop in and out without a thought to convenience and safety of pedestrians and other road users!

We should write a stern letter to the Evening Post! That will stop them!


Unknown said...

Are you aware that just round the corner from this picture is Kingsdown gym. On a daily basis you can see people driving to the gym for the pleasure of sitting on a fixed wheel bike for 45 minutes (spin class) before getting back into their cars to drive home.

I suppose it means that as a result there are less free loading cyclists on the road getting in the way of legimate "Road tax" paying law abiding car driving citizens.


Unknown said...

Gee you must really have not much to worry about if the poor guy from the Royal Mail riding around delivery all your mail has to worry about where he parks his bike temporarily. It could be worse, HE COULD BE IN A CAR!!!

You don't seem to be too concerned with the real pedestrian hazards of the milk creates and shop sign actually right on top of the crossing (but then maybe you only like to pick on the easy targets).

Unknown said...

Is this a wind-up? You're worried about a legally parked bike causing problems for pedestrians, there's over 3/4 of the pavement free! What about the 2 ilegally parked cars pointed out in your blog (the merc and the saab on the zig zags) which would obstruct the view of the crossing pedestrians. Not to mention that kids wouldn't be seen by motorists until half way out into the road becuase these two morons have parked either side of the crossing blocking the view. Really take the blinkers off mate and get real...