Saturday, 2 January 2010

Mountain bikers vs Everyone

There's a sign at the Golf Course Cafe in Ashton Court

No Muddy Bikers, Please, Or Any One With Muddy Clothes To Use The Seats In The Cafe.
Helps Us To Keep It Nice For Everyone.
  Thank You For Your Co-operation.

Some people may think the sign is incorrect, it should say "keeps it nice for everyone else", but remember: cyclists of all forms are underpeople, and do not count. They should be grateful that they are allowed in to buy cups of tea to be consumed outside.


Unknown said...

A number of years ago I asked for a veggie burgher at this cafe. The person's reply was something along the lines of:

"For gods sake you are the fifth person to ask me today, WE DON'T SELL THEM ,cos there isn't the demand". When I tried to point out the contradiction of what he was saying he became even more aggressive and rude. Not been back there since. Shame as it would be a great place to have a cuppa after a hard ride or run through the woods.

By the way, does he sell them yet?


Anonymous said...

I really feel like going up there and asking for a veggie burger now. I don't even like veggie burgers :-/

Anonymous said...

They're probably paid a good wage, so they should be cleaning up after us and our muddy clothes. We're paying customers after all.

The service sector in this country is appalling.

SteveL said...

That would be really funny, for everyone to go in and ask for veggieburgers. Then when they do start stocking them, for nobody to buy them.

pj76 said...

last thing the golfers want is some self-righteous mountain-bikers covered in shit spoiling their cup of tea.

SteveL said...

In the cafe, that is, they share the park with us. Also

* Shit? no, not on the MTB track.
* Its mostly dog-walkers in the caff, and they stick to the golf course for their walks

Downfader said...

As someone who works in the "service industry" (I have to scrub about 4000 plates a day) we aint paid enough to scrub up people's mud, LOL!

Infact the majority of people who deal with catering, waitering, etc are on a pretty low pay and lucky if we're paid more than minimum wage.

I can see why they get stressed.

SteveL said...

George's werewolf change in the Jan 10 Being Human episode is set in Ashton court, that's where he kills the stag and has intimate relations with the vampire. So things could be worse for that cafe if the beings of the underworld have just discovered it.