Friday, 11 June 2010

Bristol Bike Lane Sponsorship!

Recent news about sponsorship of London's Cycle "superhighways" make us wonder how we could arrange for some bike lane sponsorship -ideally some plan that actually benefits us, the motorists.

We are pleased that our plan has come together. We are offering a community bike lane sponsorship deal, where any motorist, company, school or retail outlet is free to sponsor a bike lane.

In exchange for this they not only get credit for their environmentally friendliness, and the ability to count any increase in cyclists as a CO2 offset against any other CO2 releases, they are allowed to park in the specific bike lane. Above, on stokes croft, the bike lane is sponsored by the post office and and the car S345BPP.
Elsewhere, in St Werburgh's, the tunnel bike lane is sponsored by Sita -the council's refuse collecting contractors, and the van WX51HBF.

Contribute something back to the city by sponsoring a bike lane today! The credit for "gold" sponsors include a special mention on Bristol Traffic!

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