Thursday, 3 June 2010

Special Mention: KA05AFO

Today seems to be "cut up a bicycle day", and that's why reader "S" would like to send a big hello to the white van KA05AFO driven by a blonde haired woman along Cotham Road South at 17:00 today. Our reader says
"It takes a bold person to overtake a bicycle occupying the middle of the lane while doing 20 mph when there is an oncoming car, but you held your ground. You didn't think "I have a left turn shortly and there is no point doing this" - you recognised that the cyclist didn't deserve to be there, and had to be shown their place, regardless of any danger you yourself faced in the process.

As I looked over my shoulder to shout "WTF are you doing!" you had an expression of terror on your face as the car approached, and your diesel van didn't have the power to get round the bicycle. But you stuck to it, you committed to your action, and once you had started you would continue, regardless of how much mayhem or injury it caused. I hope the three seconds you saved from the action or the terror you experienced during it made it seem worthwhile.

Sadly, it won't be enough to make me give up commuting by bicycle, not just yet"
Well, there is the "yet" at the end, we can only hope that the other white van drivers in the city will contribute to making them change their mind. Meanwhile, can we note that this is the first email about a white van driven by a woman. We consider this a form of progress.

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