Friday 4 June 2010

Finally! Some suffering!

After the shocking scenes of happy cyclists, we managed to position our camera the next day to catch some cyclists looking unhappy about the hills in the city.

First, this one at the top of Marlborough Hill

Later, this one atop Cotham Vale
And here, at the top of Constitution Hill. The sheer expression of suffering is heartwarming it should be the cover photo for the next council-funded cycle-in-Bristol newsletter.
Finally, someone suffering up Bridge Valley Road.
It is good to see these people in pain, makes up for the space and money they cost the city. Odd that whoever they are, none of them have helmets and hi-viz on, just T-shirts and fixed wheel bicycles, but that just makes them suffer more, which is how we -and clearly they- like it.


Adam said...

This is obviously all computer generated photoshop trickery. Everyone knows you can't cycle up hills in Bristol.

Joby said...

I think, though will need to check, that Constitution Hill gets a mention in the 100 greatest cycling climbs book...

Joby said...

I take back my awaiting moderation comment - just checked the book - your save :)