Tuesday, 13 January 2009

An accessible bike lane!

Here in Montpelier, on a weekday morning, we see only one Range-Rover, YJ52HYE, on the no-parking bit of Picton Street.

As a result, you can now enter/exit the bike lane safely.

To what do we owe this miracle in traffic engineering? From the Montpelier Multi-Modal Interchange. Recent news in the legacy printed-press bemoans the death of a proposed Multi-Modal Interchange on a roundabout of the A4174 ring-road. That was intended to be a car park to let people get onto existing buses. That died because it was the worst of both worlds: a traffic jam to a car park followed by FirstBus.

The Montpelier Multi-Modal Interchange will be better: it will be practical and meet customer needs. What is it? Wait until tomorrow to see...

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