Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Cyclist killed on the A4 Portway

As announced on the news, a teenage cyclist was killed on the A4 portway today, January 6. The BBC has some sparse details. This is very, very sad. Nobody should have to die that way.


Chris Hutt said...

We cycle in dangerous times. The public in general and motorists in particular have not yet adjusted to the idea that roads are shared spaces. Most people still expect roads to be dangerous places for walkers and cyclists and behave accordingly.

We cannot comment on this incident in particular at this stage but those of us who cycle know very well where the danger comes from - speeding traffic. Speeding means any speed which is inappropriate for the circumstances. In many cases even 30 mph constitutes speeding.

This tragic event reminds us of how urgent it is that the change in attitudes is brought about as quickly as possible. This really should be the central theme of Cycling City.

benicek said...

Damn, still happening, eh? My friend, Ian Manser, was killed cycling on the Portway in October 1999.