Friday 23 January 2009

Effective Physiotherapy

When, eventually, the letter turns up telling you that you have a physiotherapy appointment at Hampton House, on St Michael's Hill roundabout, they warn that parking is not available, and that you should find alternate transport options, such as the free bus from the centre. Well, you could walk, but it is a the top of a very steep hill: from here, every way is down.

Some people do walk though, because they know that the key concept of physiotherapy is "getting better through exercise". Which is why this delivery van to Hampton House is actually contributing to the recovery of the patients.

By parking on the pavement, just opposite the pedestrian crossing, all patients walking to the hospital from the North have to veer around the van W57JYG. Which means they have to stop, to turn, to start, to walk, to slow down and turn again, and continue on their way. What would be a couple of steps -no real exercise- now works all those leg muscles. This shows how not just the hospital, but the infrastructure around it, can help the patients.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a crazy situation.

Anonymous said...

Well, they are loading up the medical waste; they are there every day but they don't block the bike lane. The vans that block the bike lanes are more inconvenient for those of us on the school run, as it is a contraflow and so hard to swing round.

Anonymous said...

It's great for patients who are half way through their treatment but it must be a real nightmare for the ones who have recently been discharged.