Monday 19 January 2009

Crackdown on Montpelier parking

Montpelier is a special place in Bristol. Lovely buildings, fun people, shared streets where parents can happily push their children to nursery along the roads. Here the polis are trying to break this status-quo up by putting signs up to discourage pavement parking. They have started on one road, Brook Hill, with this new sign

"Police Warning
It is illegal to park causing obstruction to the footpath or highway.
Any vehicles committing these offences will be issued a fixed penalty notice and removed.
Owners will be liable for cost of recovery"
Does it work? Well, there are no cars on one side of this narrow road.

Compared to those roads off it, like Upper Cheltenham Place

And Cobourg Road

This could be viewed as a success. Unfortunately, we have no photographs in our datacentre showing any vehicles parking on this side of Brook Hill -it has not come to our attention, presumably because anyone doing so would make the street impassible and create trouble in the streets.

Yet there must have been enough of a pavement parking problem on Brook Hill for it to merit a sign, or the police have been pressured to do something about the Montpelier Problem, and chose the least controversial location. We encourage contributors to keep an eye on it for a few weeks to see if the street remains clear, then try taking it down to see if cars return. Better yet, try moving to a different street to see if it has any effect on those streets.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a car parked there with a handwritten sign on it.

Someone local has obviously got a bee in their bonnet about it and have nagged the police into action.

People park on the pavement in my street. It's fine, pedestrians just walk in the road and the traffic slows down for them. Works pretty well.