Monday, 19 January 2009

Fixed Wheel Cinema Night

19:30 23/01/2009, the Cube Cinema is having a fixed wheel night, with US films enjoying the sport, art and some music in the bar.

Fri 23rd - 7.30pm - £4 adv

Fixed wheels aren't that mainstream in Bristol, on account of the hills. Presumably all eight fixed wheelers and anyone with a broken freewheel can turn up, and MTB-ers with a single-speed bike can turn up as semi-committed.

Could be a fun evening.


SP said...

"Fixed wheels aren't that mainstream in Bristol".

You could have fooled me, they're bloody everywhere, ridden by floppy hair, skinny jeans and converse baseball boots.

And no hand brakes? Lethal.

Form over function. Its just a phase.

Bristol Traffic said...

That's either because you live in the flatlands where they can get to; those of us up the hill need our triples, our working brakes and our regular visits to the knee surgeons. Or it is because I am old and don't get out much except to push a small child round the park on his single-speed.

SP said...

Climbing up Park Street, yesterday - a brave young floppy-haired youth on a baby-blue bike with bright yellow wheels.

No gears, no brakes, no helmet, no coat, no gloves, no sense, but lots and lots of stamina, and of course style.

SP said...

Of course they'll be passe in a year or two and you'll be able to pick them up for two-a-penny.

You just wait, the return of bar-ends and purple-anodised accessories is not far away.

Bristol.Traffic said...

I love my bar ends, and have a box full of purple stuff waiting for it to become cool again, along with Tioga Farmer John tyres.

The big problem is that as wheels go to bolt through and seat posts get wider, the purple kit doesn't fit modern mountain bikes. I will have to set up a purple anodisation process just to get the first purple anodised 8" rotor. Or pay Hope to have one done custom.