Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kingsdown RPZ implementation issues #71

When the Kingsdown CPZ/RPZ gets rolled out, what will happen to vehicles like this white transit van R192RGM, whose driver has popped into the newsagent to the left of this picture, apparently to get to get a can of soft drink?

(a) As commuters will no longer be able to park in Cotham Road south, residents doing shopping trips will be able to park safely, instead of on the zig-zags of the zebra crossing.
(b) The vehicles will have nowhere to park, and will not shop here. Without the provisioning of short-term parking spaces, local shops like this will lose all passing motorist trade. Given the economic situation, all plans to roll out resident parking should be fought tooth and nail.

(c) It being a Saturday, passing road traffic will be able to find a large amount of parking space and park legally. Nobody will have any legitimate reason to park on the zebra, other than laziness and a wilful disregard for pedestrian safety.


Chris Hutt said...

The Residents' Parking Zones will include some Pay & Display parking which will be ideal for short term parking for shops, so providing some P & D parking is located in front of (and opposite) these shops they should benefit from it.

SteveL said...

I think the point of these pics is that even on a saturday, with a vast empty space slightly down the road, the passing vehicular trade would prefer to stop on a zebra crossing rather than walk any distance at all.