Wednesday 7 January 2009

Scenic shared use pathway in Amsterdam

There’s a lot of construction work going on in Amsterdam especially to the east of Central Station. You can walk from the station to the Nemo science centre via this shared use walkway for pedestrians and cyclists. But hold on!. According to the rantings of the Evening Post, pedestrians and cyclists simply don’t mix. According to articles that have been published recently in the EP, cyclists are the greatest threat to western civilisation and should be banned from our streets. And as you can see, this walkway is over water – double danger!!!. According to the Evening Post, something like this in Bristol could possibly lead to unimaginable carnage and stop all tourists from visiting the city. We might even see dead bodies floating in the city docks!. I would caution the editor of the EP not to look at this picture as it might give the poor dear a heart attack. Doesn't seem to bother the Dutch, however.


Rick said...

Could you link to EP article which support your criticism. As I never see a copy and wouldn't dream of paying for one I am not sure what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Rick, the E.P has been campaigning against bicycles on the shared bit of the harbour since september.

We have some coverage of it from then

Chris Hutt said...

The hostility of the Evening Post to cyclists goes back much further. I have a copy of a piece from the summer of 2007 where they highlighted cyclist using the paved areas of the centre in a very antagonistic way.