Thursday 30 October 2008

The Evening Post cycling edition

Wenesday's Evening Post had a special on city centre cycling, one that has some great photos of trials bikers. They and the BMX riders -here at the project 360 event- are the most skilled riders in the city.

They are the best at technical work, better than the downhill MTB Riders who work the Still's Wood trails.

They also make for the best videos; the city centre bit of Roam is fantastic, and the bit the little one likes to watch -when I'm not making him cycle along the pavement.

The paper's text, under the photos, argued that bikers cycling in a shared use area -the harbour and centre- should actually be banned, somehow from riding a bike. And well they should. Look how much fun the riders are having. That is not the kind of enjoyment we want in a post-capitalist, post-functional-economy, neo-Keynsian country. We want everyone to sit at home in darkness. Its the 1970s way.

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