Saturday 4 October 2008

Christ Church School Clifton

Adding another school to the dataset, Christ Church CofE primary School Clifton. This entrance, on Royal Park, actually has a SCHOOL-KEEP-CLEAR stretch that is actually clear here at 08:45 on a Friday morning. The residents have parked considerately and left this part of the pavement clear

This provides about 20 metres of uncluttered pavement where children can cross the road safely

That is important, because either side of this sign, there is no room on the pavement to walk: all children approaching will be on the other side of the road.

1 comment:

Chris Hutt said...

My vehicles in one of those pics! I not going to say which one it is, but on this occasion it's legally parked - phew!

Steve, next time you're checking out Christchurch school could you drop me an email in advance?