Thursday 16 October 2008

Bus lanes: for buses, taxis, bicycles, motorcycles and delivery vans

08:38 on a weekday morning, a queue of vehicles heading into town. The bikes and the buses, can't use their dedicated lane though, because there's a van in the way, one parked for a delivery.

There are double lanes just round the corner where parking wouldn't have inconvenienced quite so many people, but remember this: its not cars that are being inconvenienced here, and bicycles and motorbikes have no rights. Buses have the most problems.

The root cause here is probably not the driver. Its the scheduling software in DHL's offices, that don't take into account congestion or parking difficulties, and the satnav that will start to complain if the driver goes off route to look for somewhere to park. The driver of the van EY54NZU has to park here, because head office expects it, it's the only way to stay on schedule.

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