Saturday 11 October 2008

Partially Disabled

This car on Cotham Road South is parked with the rear wheels in a disabled parking slot. A slot that exists so that the wheel-chair bound resident of the house immediately adjacent to the parking place can get to their house from their car. But not today.

Someone has actually stuck a note on the window of this Alfa Romeo #BG51ZSR

"Why have you parked in a disabled slot? You have caused a wheelchair user great difficulty getting in to his house".

Also, interestingly enough, is a note from the police, something tucked under the window that wasn't noticed until later. I wonder what it says? Possibly a please-don't-do-that-again note, because we clearly don't have a functional vehicle towing organisation to deal with such incidents

But here's a thought. What if they are partially disabled? Like a sore foot, a bit of a limp or something. Or the driver hears voices telling them to overtake on blind corners. Nothing too serious, but inconvenient enough that having partial access to a disabled slot takes the edge of things. That could explain this driver's actions.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's an Alfa. It's obviously broken down, and is awaiting the services of the local friendly Alfa garage to relieve the owner of an arm and a leg. Again.