Saturday 25 October 2008

Bike and Motorbike Parking at Bristol University

Now that the term has started, we can see what facilities have been put back in for wheeled vehicles after the summer's building works on Tyndall Avenue. First up the bikes, that have a fairly pretty looking covered bike park. It's not clear how easy it is to secure your bike to the stands, but if the bike isn't stolen, it will be dry.

The motorbikes get this stretch of pavement outside the shops and are left to fend for their own security.

Why is this? Is that they are just lazy?

Or is that after removing the bike/motorbike parking area behind the road, adjacent to the physics building, no parking has been put back.

Nope, parking has been put back. But apparently for cars.

Again, its because the cars are more important. To merit a Car-Parks-A sticker at the university one must be in a position of power and prestige; lower status people get the parking by Clifton Down railway station and such like. A-sticker people are important enough to be allowed to park close to where they work, so they deserve parking areas while bikes get some temporary covered parking and motorbikes get to push the pedestrians out the way.

So now we know whose being lazy, and it isn't the motorbikes.


Anonymous said...

nice posting

Anonymous said...

Go back and take some more photos, That area is a buliding site. It would be nice for them to put up the bike store, although probably not very safe.

SteveL said...

Been back -seen the view from physics -looks like there is something to keep the archaeologists busy for a while.