Sunday 5 October 2008

Taxi, sir or madam ??

If you need a taxi in Bedminster, just look for them on any street corner. That's 'on' as in 'on the pavement' and not where they should be - on the road. Doubtless Bristol taxi firms have a special clause in their licence which entitles them to park how they like. And on recent taxi ride back home from the bus station, some of them come equipped with the latest digital hi-fi mp3 players, complete with 3 inch lcd screen, so both you and the driver can enjoy the latest pop videos as you're driving along (this may be a satirical blog, but that last bit is true. I had a taxi ride in a vehicle with a video screen on the dashboard and, unbelievably, was actually playing a video in full view of the driver). I now walk home from the bus station!!.

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