Saturday 18 October 2008

Ticketing in Bristol

The elusive "Tomato" also sends in some pics of two cars in Montpelier, being ticked for parking on the pavement -despite the fact that there are no double yellow lines there!

The cars YP05PPV and M481SCJ appear to have been ticketed by the police, so these tickets do not provide evidence that Bristol Parking Services exist.

Tomato says "Amazingly there wasn't even a double yellow line. Further up St Andrews road there was another - the silver one, apparently for the same reason. This is the only place in Montpelier, indeed possibly the whole of Bristol, that I have heard of cars being unfairly penalised in this way, and the last time I know of in St Andrews Road was a couple of years ago when the indignant car owner wrote into Venue letters page with accompanying photos indignantly pointing out how easily a car could still get past."

Yes, the police do appear to be unfairly picking on some cars. We also have some pics of the police ticketing cars in Kingsdown last week, so maybe there is a new police officer walking round the city, still being surprised by how cars park.

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