Thursday 2 October 2008

Bus Parking at Cotham Grammar

Here is a bus unloading at Cotham Grammar; the school kids are getting in what is currently the back entrance. though that may change soon if new proposals succeed. The bus is parked in the "school no parking" area, blocking visibility of and on the narrowed crossing area to the right of the photograph.

This is clearly dangerous, which is why in 2004 an area further down Cotham Road was dedicated to bus parking. Here it is, with a number of vehicles.

Which, given they are in the bus only parking area, must be buses. The black Astra bus YA57RCZ, a blue polo four-seater bus BD53PNV, and a red peugeout bus WN07KKH.

Alongside this bus-van, and three others further down the hill.

It is a shame that there are so many buses parked in this area that other buses have to unload in a dangerous area. Perhaps the 1 hour limit on how long a bus can park in this stretch should be enforced.

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