Wednesday 1 October 2008

Carboot Circus Parking #1

There are rumours that there is no parking in Carboot Circus. In the Quaker Friars corner, this is not the case.

There are five sheffield racks with a capacity of ten bikes, an overflow to the (weaker) iron railings. Further along: three more racks.

Leading to a total capacity of secure parking for 16 bicycles.

Which should be enough, if the current stability of the global finance system holds.


Anonymous said...

Every day I pass this place, and everyday I can't help thinking about the resemblance between the former Tricorn shopping centre of the 60's.

Any one else see it? specially the swivel carpark!

Anonymous said...

Well , it's comforting to see that big business is snsetive to the needs of the environment after all. 16 spaces... wow.

By the way, What's a 'Sheffield rack, and why is it called this?

SteveL said...

@Anonymous: likening this to the Tricorn is just wrong. I shall do it on a regular basis. I never went inside that building, though I have spent time in "downtown" Portsmouth.

@workbike: wikipedia says they were first deployed in Sheffield.

Unknown said...

Yeh Sheffield racks were first used in Sheffield. They are the u shaped racks that are concreted into the ground. Like most things from Sheffield they are designed to be sturdy and secure

Unknown said...

It is shocking they wern't made to increase bike parking as part of the planning permission

Shawn said...

You're are being unfair there are approx 4 more conveniently and clearly located around the corner:

Dru Marland said...

Yesterday I saw a poster trumpeting the "7000 free parking spaces" offered by Carboot Circus. I've been wondering lately what the relative numbers are, in the provisioning of places for cars and for bikes, ever since some security guard at Clifton Down asked me to not to lock my bike to a pillar outside the shopping centre, but not part of the designated bike bit. Do you know if anyone has already done the totting up, or is this a project waiting to happen?

SteveL said...

1. The 7000-free spaces ad you saw was for Cribb's Causeway; Cabot Circus has about 2500 paid spaces for cars, nothing for motorbikes, and 5-8 bike racks.

2. You were told off at Clifton down shopping centre? Was that on the railings where all the bikes go outside cafe gusto?

Dru Marland said...

Ah, Cribbs. As we were passing Carboot at the time I'd just linked it in my mind with what I was reading. *nods sagely...*
Yes, there. There was no room to put the bike either on the dedicated bike rails or on the handrail alongside it (as you will know, there can be quite a lot of bikes there), which was why I was using one of the pillars instead.