Wednesday 15 October 2008

Pavement Work

The Evening Post is always complaining about bicycles on pavements.

A few dedicated car drivers do their best to discourage this by parking on the pavement, here at the zebra crossing between Cotham Road and Cotham Road South/Cotham Brow. There is about enough room to walk through, but not for bicycles. Well done BMW J2LXX! Thank you for standing up to pedestrian's rights! A lot of kids cycle down here on their way to and from school, and families with push chairs, but today they get to go in the road -where they belong!

[The reason the pavement is so wide here is to improve pedestrian safety, and to make the corner sharper; the one whose visibility is now hampered. O2 keep trying to put in a phone mast disguised as a lamp post twice the height of the trees, but keep getting turned down as the wall abuts some listed pillars. I almost phoned this one in to Bristol Parking Services, as I was annoyed that they were on the pavement by the zebra crossing. But as the office closes at 17:00, at 17:02, you can park where you like]


SP said...

Hmmm. See my previous comment about stereotypes :)

SteveL said...

@SP; if you look through the archive, its Range Rovers and Smart Cars we pick on, not BMWs. And we will make fun of anything we can.