Saturday 25 October 2008

Evening Post again....

This post is brought to you in tabloid-o-rama style which involves highlighting emotional words and phrases in bold text in order to subtly influence the great unwashed masses.

Recently the pro-car paper at the 'heart' of Bristol published a full page story about a young girl whose jaw was broken by a pavement cyclist. Of course, cycling on the pavement is illegal. The Post gleefully ran a summary about how much you can be fined for this crime. Funny how they keep barking on about cyclists but seem to have missed these two cars underneath their offices. Isn't driving and parking on the pavement just as dangerous as cycling on it?. As you can see from the picture, these cars are parked close to a fire door, possibly blocking access in case of a fire. Glad I'm not a Post employee but if I was (and I saw this), I would raise the matter with the Health & Safety officer and have these illegal cars removed.

They must have driven up the pavement from the pedestrian crossing or a bit further down. Heaven forbid that they should knock over a pedestrian on their way to park!!.


SteveL said...

Registrations for the database: T622MNB

SteveL said...

And W618RDD