Thursday 9 October 2008

Cabot Circus Motorcycle Parking

Datamining of the clicklogs show that a couple of visitors a day are searching for motorcycle parking in cabot circus. For these people, here is the parking area

It's signed with "No parking on footway", and is on the junction of Broad Weir and Lower Castle Street. No coverage or security. Presumably motorcycle/scooter drivers can't buy enough high value consumer goods.


Unknown said...

To be fair, this isn't really anything hugely bad in the grand scheme of things, motorcyclists are going without along with cyclists.
Used to be a big fan of yours.
Bit unimpressed if im honest.

Chris Hutt said...

Luke, this site has a phenomenal output (60 last month!) of witty, amusing and thought-provoking posts, yet you moan because you think one or two aren't up to scratch!

Do you have any idea how much time and dedication it takes to keep the posts flowing at the rate of this site? Give the guy a break!

SteveL said...

Luke, what makes you think I'm being critical of motorcyclist?. I think you've been left out in the rain just as much as the pedal bikes have. I'm pointing to what facilities the Bristol Alliance have put in for motorbikes -nothing. And where to go if you do want to visit.

mnpinkfloyd said...

Actually, this looks like it's just along from the motorcycle park at the end of Castle Park - even nearer to Carboot Circus. It was closed for a while, but I think it's now open again. Either it's full or these riders are just being lazy. It's illegal to park a motor vehicle on a pavement anyway. What cheeses me off at the moment is the habit that motorcycle riders have adopted of wedging a machine inbetween the cycle stands which takes up the space for two bicycles. Not only against the law, but not exactly an efficient use of space.

Motorcycling, like any form of transport, has advantages and disadvantages and one of the latter is that you can't generally park where you please and ignore regulations,like so many Bristol drivers do who grace this wonderful blog.

Lack of parking for motorbikes does not excuse parking on pavements or be inconsiderate to others by assimilating space set aside for cyclists.

Norman said...

Left it a bit late, but in response to Steve 10 Oct 2008, There are 15 motor bike Spaces in the Cabot Circus car park on the ground floor, 6 under the main stairs and 9 by the back exit. both have bull bars to secure your bikes to. As long as you use these spaces, parking is also free of charge, use a space and its £1 per hour up to 7 hours, £1 all evening after 5pm or £2 all day on a Saturday. From a fellow bike rider....Norman