Friday 23 January 2009

Bristol *is* anti-car

There have been lots of arguments in the letters page of the legacy-local-press over whether Bristol is anti-car or not. that argument can go all day, without data to back it up. We in Bristol Traffic aim to provide that data, and here have proof that Bristol Council is pursuing anti-car policies.

Here is Lockleaze. As you can see, there is no pavement on this side of the road. This means that cars are forced to park on muddy grass growing right next to kerb.

Some are even forced to park in the middle of this muddy area instead, as there is nowhere else for them to park their car

This gets the car and the driver all dirty. And it is all the fault of the council. If they would only provide nice pavements to park on, this situation would not arise. Furthermore, it is discriminatory. Clifton: pavements to park on. Montpelier: pavements to park on. Kingsdown: pavements to park on. Lockleaze: mud. Need we say more?

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