Thursday, 1 January 2009

Xmas day in Kingsdown/Down

And next door, in Kingsdown? In the proposed CPZ/RPZ?

If the opposition are Unionists, what to call them? Republican is wrong, not unless they really do get together in the Kingsdown Vaults and sing The Men Behind the Wire and argue that Kingsdown should be called Down, as no king is recognised. Let's call them progressives instead; it makes clear they are trying to move things forward.

What, then, happens in the Progressive District on Xmas day? There's spaces on the pavement to park on Kingdown/Down Parade. Behind the Landrover Discovery N506NFG

And again in front of the Ford Ka SK51AOA

There's a very long stretch of unused pavement in front of the green clio S540NTP; space that doesn't have yellow lines on it.

There is also space on the other side of the road. Perhaps the pavement-parked cars just haven't been moved that day.

Out of the picture, Somerset Street was full; one van blocking Spring Hill road and pavement. As with any other day.

What does that mean? It means that even at what appears to be the time when the least number of vehicles are visible in Cotham as it ever possible to see, Kingsdown doesn't quite have enough parking capacity for everyone who kept their car in the district over Xmas to park their cars legally on the road. Nobody had to resort to parking on double yellow lines, but the pavement of Kingsdown Parade does seem needed.

If the CPZ does go ahead, this will force the council to make a choice as to whether that pavement is to be considered an acceptable place to park or not. The Unionists may use that as an argument against the parking zone, which is why even if the plans go on hold, enforcement of existing rules about parking should be considered for Kingsdown. That way, the price of the CPZ will be less.

Oh, one more feature of the walkabout: the database now knows which cars are locals vs. commuters.

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