Monday 5 January 2009

Icing is bad for you

The news is out that the new Connect2/Sustrans route to the city will not bring the original Brunel Bridge back in to action, the "icing on the cake", but instead use the lock gates or a similar option.

Some people are unhappy about this. Not Bristol Traffic. Too much icing makes you fat.

We think that a narrow lock gate with exposed drops makes for an entertaining ride, especially the entry and exit points. Keeping the original bridge protected under the 1960s bridge stops more of the timbers rotting.

On an early winter evening (15:40), the low sun highlights both bridges.

And integrates them well with the other classic bridge photographs of the city. If more people took and publicised photographs of the Hotwells Flyover, it would be recognised as much a symbol of the city as the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bristol seems to be almost comically awful at thinking this sort of thing through. Running cycleways over a lock gate sounds like a Monty Python sketch...