Wednesday 14 January 2009

The Montpelier Multimodal Interchange at work

Even when you go past in the evening, the new Montpelier Multimodal Interchange (formally: the Montpelier bike crossing) is functional, here providing somewhere for two transit vans to park: one -S217UVW in the MMI, another on the double yellow lines behind it.

This vehicle-on-bike-path situation gives us an opportunity to explore police and parking enforcement measures, as a response to the PACT-initiated crack-down on bikes last December. If the police really do want to enforce laws to enhance cyclist safety, then stopping cars and vans from blocking bike lanes would seem an obvious first step.

Henceforth, parking in this bike lane has to stop. anyone encountering a vehicle parked here is authorized to call the Parking Services control room at 0117 903 8070 and say "there is car in our bike path between Picton Street and Richmond Road". The same goes for anyone blocking access to it on either road. It is now off-limits, at least for a week or so, until we get bored of calling it in. All participants welcome -add a comment to this entry of the call: date/time and we will see what kind of response it generates, or whether a crack down on pavement cyclists is considered a more useful activity by the authorities.

(Incidentally, the cyclist above is allowed to ride where they are, though they are not wearing a helmet. This puts them at risk if someone in a large transit van were to reverse without looking or open a door suddenly. What needless risk taking!)

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