Friday 26 February 2010

At last, a reason to park on Cheltenham Road!

Tesco are offering to improve this part of the city, by giving passing traffic a reason to pull over and shop. This particular stretch of Cheltenham Road lacks such amenites at present, so it is underused.

Some people are resisting this, with a web site and a local government petition, which already has over 650 signatures. Yet look at this road. Wasted.

The road is actually two lanes wide here, and so it would be possible for HGVs to pull over and unload food supplies throughout the day. We know this as on this weekday there is a lorry doing just that further up the road. Nobody is inconvenienced.

The bike lane and bus lane would provide short stay parking for visitors. We know this, as on this weekday there is a van S89LHY doing just that. Nobody is inconvenienced.

As with the rest of Stokes Croft, the double-yellow lined bike and bus lanes will provide short stay parking for revenue-earning customers, instead of enabling through traffic on bicycles, who will not bring any money to Tesco at all.

We note that as this path is downstream of the newly enhanced Zetland Road junction, the changes made there to prevent bicycles riding inbound from Bishopston will reduce conflict in this stretch of the road, so ensure that a new mini-supermarket will not lead to an increase in accident statistics.

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