Tuesday 2 February 2010

Insult to injury

Hospitals. Places where ill people go -even walk. Exactly the kind of place where good pedestrian access would seem important. Yet today we have photographic proof that cyclists selfishly occupy the pavement.

First, outside Hampton House, a woman on a bicycle makes a phone call on the pavement.

That is despite the fact that the cars MW02OUC and RF04ZFW have gone to a lot of effort to not provide any room for bicycles, that there is only enough space left to get a single width push-chair through, yet some tax-dodging cyclist gets on the pavement just to take a call. Do you see us car drivers pulling over onto the pavement to make a call? No. Exactly.
At the bottom of the hill, the BRI ontology unit car park. A cyclist has selfishly parked their bike on the railings, so making this part of the pavement unusable by pedestrians.
Yes, most of the footpath is closed and pedestrians walking to Accident and Emergency or many of the other BRI facilities are forced to walk down this road, hoping that no road traffic is coming up the hill and round the blind corner at speed. For a bicycle to occupy some of the few metres of footpath is a crime they should be clamped for.


Lycra-Lout said...

Hi, I've got some pics of cars driving around 'Road Closed' 'Access Only' signs in Filton Road which was closed due works associated with new Cycle City routes. Can I email them?


SteveL said...

@Andy, yes, send them to bristol.traffic at gmail.com

If you can think of positive things to say about the vehicles, that would help